Come in too Cricket Wireless in Southfield and do a trade up your old phone and use the money you earned from it and put towards a brand new purchase of one of a great smartphones.Let us assess your needs so you can leave with a phone thats made exactly for you. Ad number: #339508996 Contact: Shay City: Southfield, MI Zip: 48076 Price: free
Cricket Wireless has the Best Rate Plans beating all of our competitors. Our 4G LTE High Speed is the best out that you'll ever find.The only right choice would be too choose us Cricket Wireless Network. We our the Best hands down. Ad number: #339250383 Contact: SHAY City: SOUTHFIELD Zip: 48076 Price: free
Just got a new [phone but cant find any accessories too protect it???? Even if your not cricket customer you can still come in and purchase accessories. We have protective cases including OUTTER BOXES in many different colors and don't forget too purchases our tempered glass to protect your screen also. Ad number: #339247366 Contact: shay City: SOUTHFIELD Zip: 48076 Price: free
14-May-2018Troy, MI(10 miles)Community
Yogasanas (also known as Hatha Yoga), taught in a classical context, are a way of aligning the inner system and adjusting it to the celestial geometry, or becoming in sync with the existence. Thus the inner system naturally achieves a chemistry of healthfulness, joyfulness, blissfulness, and above all, balance. This program will be conducted by a Hatha Yoga Teacher trained by Sadhguru. For ages...
11-May-2018Pontiac, MI(11 miles)Local Announcements
Full service massages for busy business males. Ad number: #337911315 Contact: Dick Nelson City: Pontiac Zip: 48342 Price: $80.00
I know the weather is a littlee dreary to day but come in to Cricket Wireless on Southfield rd and 12 mile rd and let us but a smile on your face with a great prices. We are currently having 25% off every accessory in the store including our outter box cases that we have for more than just IPHONES. Ad number: #337902794 Contact: Shay City: Southfield Zip: 48076 Price: FREE
We our Cricket Wireless a great non-annual Wireless team that you would love too join. Our 4G LTE Network covers 99.9% of America and Also covers many others countries too so when you join us and choose too go on Vacation you won't have too worry about our phone coverage because it'll be just fine non of our competitors can say that so come join us now we're waiting for you. Ad number: #3379065...
When you walk in too \Cricket Wireless too buy a phone and one thing you definitely dont want too leave without is CRICKET PROTECT. Cricket Protect is the name of Crickets insurance policy, its good too always protect your phone which is an investment you made. Well good for you its only 7.00 a month for Cricket Protect and deductable's as low as $10. Ad number: #337896515 Contact: Shay City: S...
Tired of that high Xfinity Cable why dont your drop it and get the great DIRECT TV package that Cricket Wireless has too offer you stay in control; of how much your bill is by picking the channels you want. the Direct TVNOW app also has live streaming for you too watch live games for free, Missed you missed the television show that you,love too watch no worries watch it on the Direct tv on dema...
Take home a new smartphone from Cricket Wireless FOR FREE. Switch over from your wireless provider too cricket and get a great smartphone that fits you. Ad number: #337881687 Contact: Shay City: Southfield Zip: 48076 Price: free
5-May-2018Sterling Heights, MI(16 miles)Community
AVON / YARD SALE 43400 DONLEY DR. Sterling Hgts. Saturday and Sunday May 12, and May 13, 2018 Pamper Mom with one of our Baskets made of Avon’s Newest Beauty Products Displaying Avon’s latest in Bug Guard Ladies and Man Cologne Bath and Body Works, Makeup, Skin care products, Jewelry / Home Items Yard Sale Electronics, Clothes, Household Items, Kids Toys, BIG AVON/YARD SALE
when you come into Cricket Wireless don't forget to get the most important thing Cricket Protect which insures your phone. Pay just $7 a month for Cricket Protect. Instead of buying a whole new phone when something happens too your you just pay the deductable. who else do you know with an insurance rate as low as ours no one.....Cricket Protect!!!!!!! protect your investment. Ad number: #337193...
Tired of that same old smart phone and want too upgrade too a new one but dont have he money too do it??? Come too Cricket Wireless and do a Trade up Which is turning in your phone too get money towards a new one. Walk out of Cricket with a brand new phone that fits you and your lifestyle. Ad number: #337174530 Contact: Shay City: SOUTHFIELD Zip: 48076 Price: FREE
Want too add a family member or friend too your line but its too exspensive because your contract doesn't allow you too. Come too Cricket Wireless and get for lines wiht unlimited everything for just $100 a month. There's no small print just $100 every month for four lines with unlimited everything what more could you ask for wait.. a free phone??? get that too when you switch from your wireles...
Hanging out with your friend's on this great day too enjoy the weather? Why dont you and your Bestie come into Cricket Wireless and join our team then both of you can recieve $25 on both of your cricket accounts. Ad number: #337101536 Contact: Shay City: SOUTHFIELD Zip: 48076 Price: FREE
We here at Cricket Wireless on Southfield rd and 12 mile offer our customers the best benefits that help them enjoy they're cricket phone and plans even more. Like Cricket Protect which is insuring your phone at a cheaper price th month with bill cycle. So if anything was too happen too your phone instead of paying our competitors, we offer Cricket Protect at the price of $7.00 everyying the fu...
Cricket Wireless has now introduced something different called 3 Tier Pricing which allows 3 different price on one phone. If you our switching over too cricket or creating a new line your receive the new line price which the cheapest price of the phone. Then we have an upgrade price a little more than the port over price if you have had the phone for 90 days or more you qualify. Last is just t...
We here at Cricket Wireless are having great solutions for you too get brand new devices on the count of your old ones. Its called TRADE UP'S bring in your old device weather you are a Cricket Customer or your just trying too join our team and receive a certain amount of money for what your device is worth and add that or should we say subtract that from the price of your new phone. Bring your ...
Making plans on meeting up with your friends today??!!!! Why dont you all come in too Cricket Wireless on Southfield rd. and 12 Mile rd. and change your wireless providers too our non annual family. Both of you will receive $25.00 Cricket Credit and you can use it as payment on your wireless plan. Ad number: #334075977 Contact: Shay City: Southfield Zip: 48076 Price: FREE
Cricket Wireless has a free ruffle stick (fire stick) for you today. Come in store and sign up for our $35.00 Direct TV plan and receive a free ruffle stick in the mail the next day. Ad number: #334076201 Contact: Shay City: SOUTHFIELD Zip: 48076 Price: FREE
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